#KillingCorporateDecks in Action

A couple of weeks ago I spent two days sharing Oracle’s E-Business Suite Extensions for Endeca (EEE) with some of our Oracle Partners (#e3Partner). As a side note, count how many Macs you see in this picture. Very close to 50/50! When I first used my Mac I would be the only one. Times are changing!

e3partner Training

During the course of the training session, I provided guidance on how to explain the benefit and value of the Endeca solution. My goal was to help our partners become better evangelists and advocates for the transforming power of EEE. My slide deck utilized the techniques I cover in this blog along with a few more that will be featured in upcoming posts. Stay tuned as some you will not want to miss.

Conversing with your data

I received quite a few many compliments from members of the audience after seeing my #KillingCorporateDecks approach, validating that this approach really makes a difference to the most important person in the presentation: the audience.

Can I have the slides?!! That presentation was really awesome. Refreshing. Loved it! 

I am invariably asked “What tools are you using?” Partly because most people cannot believe I am using PowerPoint. Using a Mac plays to their impression that Apple computers are made for cool artsy material. PCs are associated with bullets. It doesn’t have to be that way, but certainly I prefer to work on my Mac. #RantAvoidance.

Probably one of the favorite compliments was:

After seeing 4 hours of heavy dense decks, it was a much needed break to have visually lighter approach. 

Don’t confuse visually light with light on content. Most people when they present don’t speak to a lot of what’s on their slides. They have more information than they can share. This confuses the message but gives the presenter a sense of security. “Look at the level of detail I have. I really most know my stuff. I’m an expert.” Don’t kid yourself! I think Albert Einstein summed it up best.

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. 

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Co-founder, EVP of Product Strategy at Incorta. Passion for design, UX, data, stories, and making beautiful things.

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    1. Thanks Amy! There’s a lot more to share but bit by bit I shall get it out. Exciting times for sure though!

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