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Life doesn’t always make sense during the journey, but often reveals a beautiful masterpiece when looking back. Let’s explore that together.

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Analytics without Behavior Change is just Expensive Artwork

Data analytics can have a transformative effect on business, but it requires highly-intentional design around the user experience. If you believe people do their best when they are empowered and supported, then your analytics should do the same thing. Dashboards that function as basic scorecards don’t work. What’s needed is an experience that lights a fire within users – not under them.

Your Metrics Are Going Haywire… Now What? aaaaaaa

As Covid-19 wreaks havoc on the global economy, virtually every organization on the planet is throwing their existing 2020 forecasts out the window. You can’t wait for the world to go back to “normal” or expect your old metrics to work in the future. What’s your move? Listen intently, experiment relentlessly, and spread your bets.

What the Covid19 charts won’t tell you about South Korea

All eyes are currently on South Korea as the shining example of a pandemic response done right. The country has successfully “flattened the curve.” But does that offer a reliable model for other countries trying to rein in the spread of the novel coronavirus? Good luck trying to answer this question with data alone. Understanding how people think is just as critical as understanding the data about their actions.

Learn How To Deliver Compelling Presentations

I’ve put together some thoughts to help you give compelling and engaging presentations. It all started out with a concept I coined #KillingCorporateDecks back in 2012 when I worked at Oracle. Since then many people have asked for help in how they approach presentations. Hopefully these series of blog posts will help you in your next presentation.

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