Same Data, Different Stories – What Gives?

Cultural Context Helps Explain Why World Leaders Have Such Different Responses to Coronavirus Pandemic Data It’s early-May in South Korea. After months of combatting Covid-19, the streets of Seoul and Busan are coming back to life. Infection rates are down and the government is relaxing social-distancing guidelines. Korean scientists, government, and business leaders are cautiouslyContinue reading “Same Data, Different Stories – What Gives?”

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In Data We Trust… But For How Long?

The Covid-19 pandemic is exposing all sorts of revelations about life and work in today’s society. Here’s one that’s becoming clearer by the day:

The world is not as “data-driven” as we think it is – not even close.

As a co-founder of a data analytics company, I am fascinated by the way Covid-19 is giving the world an unprecedented window into how modern society uses data. Today, we like to think of ourselves as a highly data-driven society, but that is true in only a vanishingly small subset of situations. Most of the time we flounder at best.

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Pinch Me: My First Guest Appearance On DisrupTV

Talking K-Pop, Incorta’s Founding Story, and Context-Aware Data With Some of The Most Inquisitive and Insightful Minds in Enterprise Technology Disclaimer: The quotes below are lightly edited for length and clarity. Last week, I had the great honor of joining Brian Solis (@briansolis) and Nicole France (@lnfrance) on DisrupTV (@DisrupTVShow) Episode 194 with Vala AfsharContinue reading “Pinch Me: My First Guest Appearance On DisrupTV”

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Your Grandparents Can Probably Give You Better Relationship-Building Advice Than Digital Marketers

Digital technology and platforms have radically changed the way that people connect in recent decades, both in our personal lives and professionally. Now, as the world confronts a global pandemic, we are relying on these new methods more than ever before.  But while email, SMS, and social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn make it “easy”Continue reading “Your Grandparents Can Probably Give You Better Relationship-Building Advice Than Digital Marketers”

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Words Matter… But Context and Serendipity Matter More

A few weeks ago, Theo Lau (@psb_dc) – founder of @UnconventionVc and someone who enjoys amazing tiramisu baked by her superhuman kids – tweeted about a couple of LinkedIn connection requests that she flat-out rejected: At the time, I was thinking a lot about the interplay between words, context, and serendipity – and then itContinue reading “Words Matter… But Context and Serendipity Matter More”

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