Same Data, Different Stories – What Gives?

Cultural Context Helps Explain Why World Leaders Have Such Different Responses to Coronavirus Pandemic Data It’s early-May in South Korea. After months of combatting Covid-19, the streets of Seoul and Busan are coming back to life. Infection rates are down and the government is relaxing social-distancing guidelines. Korean scientists, government, and business leaders are cautiouslyContinue reading “Same Data, Different Stories – What Gives?”

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In Data We Trust… But For How Long?

The Covid-19 pandemic is exposing all sorts of revelations about life and work in today’s society. Here’s one that’s becoming clearer by the day:

The world is not as “data-driven” as we think it is – not even close.

As a co-founder of a data analytics company, I am fascinated by the way Covid-19 is giving the world an unprecedented window into how modern society uses data. Today, we like to think of ourselves as a highly data-driven society, but that is true in only a vanishingly small subset of situations. Most of the time we flounder at best.

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